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To All You Prima Donnas

Photo by dorywithserifs

Juanma over at TenThousandThings recently posted an open letter to all you design divas out there. Here’s a quick excerpt:

” Quick, grab a mirror or turn over a CD (if you don’t have one close) and look at yourself while asking, “WHAT AM I?” (Not to be confused with “WHO AM I”). You are a communicator. That’s what you are and at the end of the day, you communicate through design with other people. It should be a lot more important to remember WHAT you are, instead of repeating all day WHO you are.”

If you think you’re the shit or aspire to be the shit please, please, please read this letter.

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What is Graphic Design?


I ran across a poster competition (after it was done) that asked the participants to submit a poster design that answers the question, “What is Graphic Design”. Looking over these submissions I noticed a very superficial explanation of graphic design. Is this the truth of graphic design? Is it really just about colors, type, and pixels or is it about something more? Please comment.

Click here to check out the competition entries.

Is Advertising REALLY That Evil?


Pentagram partner Paula Sher recently gave her two cents about her post 9/11 observations regarding advertising.

Why I Love the Graphic Design Profession (dripping with sarcasm)

design as a commodity

Ed Roach over at has recently written and article entitled Why Graphic Design is the Worst Brand Ever where he details the current problem of graphic design as a commodity from a business owner’s perspective. It’s always great to get an outside perspective. This is a problem that needs a solution. If anyone has any ideas please leave a comment … or better yet, start solving it.

John Stossel, “Graphic Design … So Critical to Every American’s Wellbeing”

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