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Ellen Lupton at the IMA … for FREE

D.I.Y. Kids

Saturday, February 16
2:00 – 4:00 pm
Indianapolis Museum of Art
Pulliam Great Hall


From the IMA website:
“Learn to leave your mark on the world by “exercising the arts of design with wit, intelligence, and style.” Drop-in for some fun D.I.Y. creativity! Meet Ellen Lupton, co-author of the book D.I.Y. Kids, as she shares simple, yet creative ways to bring out the designer in us all. “Encourage [children] to value their own creativity and help them put their personal mark on objects and media of their own design,” says Lupton. No matter your age, you’ll enjoy using the materials Ellen provides to make something unique.”

From Christopher Vice:
“If interested in this program, I encourage you to register at the IMA.
On Monday, I’ll call Ellen Lupton to see if she (and/or her husband Abbott Miller) has time to come to Herron for a visit.”