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… And The Horse You Rode In On!


Eric Karjaluoto ideasonideas recently posted an article provocatively titled Fuck Style where he pleas for designers to defend design as a problem solving practice rather than design solely as style. Short read. Check it out and leave your comments.


John Stossel, “Graphic Design … So Critical to Every American’s Wellbeing”

Step 1. Watch video

Step 2. Think about it

Step 3. Comment

Core77: Good For Nothing? Why Nonprofits, Designers, and Techies Can’t Talk to Each Other


Core77 has posted an interesting article by Ayça Akin on the interactions and communication barriers between nonprofits, designers, and techies. It talks about what they have in common, what they don’t and how it gets in their way. For those of you who wish to assist nonprofit organizations though design, this is a must read.

Here’s the first pull quote:
“The nonprofit world is filtered for people looking to do social change, and the design and technology world is filtered for people looking to do problem solving. There is a philosophical connection between the two motivations, certainly, but flipping those filters on the two crowds yields fairly small subsets of people in each. It’s like a dating site trying to match up 5-foot-tall basketball players with 7-foot-tall horse jockeys.”

“Fail Often to Succeed Sooner” – IDEO

IDEO conference room

From my own experience working with and for creative firm/agencies (just a few). I have yet to see a work environment that supports creative thinking. Rather, I’ve seen a lot of ego-bumping. In contrast, IDEO works hard at making their work environment conducive to design innovation.

Andrew Pressman has a great article over at Architecture Record about how IDEO has created “a firm culture that supports innovative design”. It’s an easy read at only 2 pages.

“This Blog Should Be Democratized” – B. Heath

Mussolini wallpainting

There was a comment on the Link-N-Tell post stating:

“This blog should be democratized. I don’t know if people need their voices channeled through anybody ‘designated.’ I don’t know exactly how much it would help expand this thing beyond a small circle of students, but I doubt it’d hurt. I just remember the vcgang (a previous vc blog) seeming like a “senior thing.”

Well … should it? Pipe-in with your opinion in the comments.

Participate in Gym Class … Minus the Uniforms and Showers

Logo for Physical Education Student Organization

For those of you interested in some extra-curricular design work, Matt Walkup is needing a logo for his student organization. If you think you’re up for it contact Matt at mcwalkup (at) iupui (dot) edu

“My name is Matt Walkup. I am currently the president of the Physical Education Student Organization in the School of Physical Education and Tourism Management. We have been trying to come up with a logo for our organization for some time now. We are having trouble coming up with something catchy but at the same time professional looking. Since we have hit a wall, I thought I would appeal to the future professionals, except I don’t know any. I was wondering if you (Herron) could put me in touch with a student or students that would volunteer to help us create one or a professor that I could talk to about making this maybe a project for a student.”